7 Nov 2012

Homemade Ben's cookies - simply the best cookies ever

She was 12, she had decided to take horse riding lessons just because her big sister was riding horses and at that time, she would have done just about anything to copy her sisters (Too bad she was actually afraid of horses). 

The first time she fell from a horse, she felt so scared and vexed that she left the Horse Riding Club and never went back. The next time she climbed on a horse was 15 years later (some people don't forget easily what failure tastes like …)

When she turned 27, she started baking. When her attempt at one of the easiest recipes ever (cookies) miserably ended up with dry-ass cookies, she felt like that day she had fallen from the horse. She almost promised herself she would never try and bake cookies again.
Three years later, litres of custard had run under her kitchen's bridge...she tought that maybe it was time to make peace with the Cookie God. 

With her new friend Mélodie from her new favourite blog Les Falbalas, she challenged the Kings of Cookies themselves : Ben'sCookies, the chain officially making the best cookies on Earth. 

chewy white chocolate cookies

With a friend by her side, a spatula in her hand, hot tea infusing in a pot, she felt strong and confident. 
That girl would be me and our cookies were delicious. 
There is nothing but a friend to overcome one's cookie fear!

Double chocolate cookies
300g caster sugar
200g unsalted butter
275g self raising flour
1 egg
75g cocoa powder
Milk, few tbsp if needed
Chocolate chunks: I used Toblerone for a giant chocolate chunk in the middle of each cookie + good quality baking chocolat and praline chocolates from Comptoir du Cacao for chunks on top (make sure the chunks are quite big so they don't get lost melting into the cookie dough)

Make the cookies
1/ Preheat your oven at 180°C
2/ Cream the butter and sugar together with a wooden spoon (or an electric mixer) until light and fluffy (this will take about 10 min)
3/ Add the egg and beat again
4/ Add the flour and cocoa powder and mix until combined (try not to over beat the ingredients or your cookies will end up very dry). If the dough is too dry, add milk one tablespoon at a time
5/ Add the chocolate chunks and a big Toblerone square in the middle of each cookie
6/ Spoon 2-tablespoon sized balls of dough on a baking sheet (or silicone baking mat) spacing them out quite a lot as the cookies will spread while cooking
7/ Bake for approximately 15 or until just cooked (you want them to still be chewy in the middle)

White Chocolate 
and French glacé cherries cookies

250g flour
A pinch of salt
170g unsalted butter
300g sugar
1 tbsp vanilla extract
1 egg + 1 egg yolk
Big chunks of white chocolate (as much as you wish, but plan for at least 100g) and 60g French glacé cherries (a mix of wholes and halves)

Make the cookies
Preheat your oven at 180°C
1/ Cream the butter and sugar together with a wooden spoon until light and fluffy (this might take about 10 min)
2/ In another bowl, beat the eggs and vanilla extract until light and fluffy too
3/ Mix the egg mixture with the butter mixture and add the flour and salt (again, try not to overbeat the dough).
5/ Add the chocolate chunks and French glacé cherries (try not to brake the cherries by incorporating them into the dough)
6/ Spoon 2-tablespoon sized balls of dough on a baking sheet (or silicone baking mat), spacing them out quite a lot as the cookies will spread while cooking
7/ Bake for approximately 15 or until just cooked.

homemade chewy chookies

French glacé cherries recipe

recipe glacé cherries

homemade ben's cookies

ben's cookies recipe

homemade ben's cookies

homemade chewy cookies
ben's cookie recipe chocolate

ben's cookies recipe
What's on the Drinks Menu Alex?
"I made cookies." Just to hear these words, the first thing that comes to mind is "I hope there will be enough cookies for everyone". 
But we rarely think about the drinks to pair them with. 
What do you think about a traditional glass of milk? For the greediest ones you can also enjoy these cookies with : 
- a vanilla or cherry milkshake, 
- nature or mango sweet lassi 
- or a smoothie with vanilla.

Thanks Alex! (Alex from www.mets-vins.fr)

Last but not least, big big thanks to the lovely people at Comptoir du Cacao (www.comptoircacao.fr) and to the French glacé cherries producers (Aptunion and Maison Leopold Marliagues) for giving me the opportunity to bake with their amazing products. 
Remember these celebrity chefs who keep repeting on telly that you need the best raw materials to make the best dishes? Well, they are right! 
Don't take my word for it, try it yourself.


  1. La soeur qui faisait du cheval (mais quelle ado de 12 ans n'a pas voulu dresser un poney ???) n'a jamais réussi à faire aussi beaux cookies.

  2. yummy yummy yummy! will try that tonight!!!

  3. Ahhh I just fell in love with your blog from the introduction before the recipe! Your a talented baker and a poet! I am also a baker, check my blog www.theartofeman.blogspot.com ! xo

  4. Absolutely perfectYUM! Googy and delicious

  5. How many kilograms of chocolate chunks are needed?

  6. Looks yummy - how many does this recipe make?

    Also is it possible to reheat the cookies one they've cooled down (if you want to eat them while still warm and gooey)?


    1. It makes around 7-10 cookies, depending on how big they are. Unfortunately, I don't think you can reheat them, or they probably will go very hard as soon as they cool down. What you can do though, is freeze the uncooked cookies and cook them as the last minute when you want to eat them. I have never tried but I have read that cookie dough freezes well. I hope this helps!

  7. Soooo nice I will try this version I love Ben's cookies and the recipes look spot on thank you :D



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