5 Jul 2012

Happiness is sometimes as easy as a Tomato Salad

My parents travel a lot.
From every single trip they always bring back local dishes that they make their new favourite and cook all the time until the next trip comes and brings a new trend. (My brothers and sisters do love teasing them about that)

(I actually got my passion for travels and tasting local foods actually from my Dad, whom I'll never thank enough for such a great gift)

To only name but a few, we enjoyed the times of:
- The Tagine and Berbere Omelette from Marocco
- The Phô from Laos
- The Ginger and Coconut Chicken from Madagascar
- The Crozets bake and Potatoes cooked in milk from The French Alps (God bless skying holidays)

I won't mention the "Meat dumplings Soup from Austria" phase though, which is still quite a painful memory from my childhood ;-)

The new favourite is the greek salad (and all variations)

So, my last visit to my parents was the perfect opportunity for me to enjoy the beautiful French sun, play with my new camera, spend some quality time with my parents and stock up on vitamines! 

Happiness is sometimes as easy as a Tomato Salad.


  1. love your pictures... what is your new camera?

    1. Thanks Pivoi(an)ne!
      My new camera is a second-hand Nikon D80 and I use a 24/85 lens.


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