9 Oct 2012

Oh la la... mon petit pois

"Guess the ingredients"
A new concept of dinner, where your guests have to guess the ingredients of the dishes you've cooked for them.
It wasn't on purpose, but that is how our last dinner party turned out, and it was really good fun. 

How does it work? Get out there, try new combinations and let them guess.
It's really good fun as it's actually not always as easy at it seems to guess the ingredients of a dish!
So if you want to give it a try, here are some ideas:

  • Avocado and chocolate vegan cake (recipe here)
  • Popcorn from Joe & Seph's . Each flavour is more wicked than the other one; from the savoury goat cheese and black pepper popcorn to the Gingerbread popcorn, the fun is guaranteed!
  • and of course, my wasapie soup!

Pie, Rocket and Wasabi soup
aka My Wasapie Soup

Ingredients (for 6 people):

2 cloves of garlic, crushed
1kg frozen pies
2 x 90g bags rocket
3 heaped tbsp ricotta
2 heaped tbsp wasabi paste (from the asian shelf of your usual supermarkets)
2 vegetable stock cubes
salt and pepper, to taste
Creme fraiche, to serve

Make the soup: 

1/ In a large sauce pan, gently fry the garlic cloves until golden.

2/ Add the pies and cook for 3 min, mixing regularly.

3/ Add the vegetable stock cubes, the rocket and add water (pre-boiled in a kettle if possible) until the vegetables are just covered. Mix, cover, and simmer for 15 min on middle heat.

4/ Mix / blend the soup. Add water depending of the desired consistency. 

5/ Add the ricotta, and wasabi paste. Adjust seasoning to your taste with salt and pepper.

6/ Serve the soup in bowls with a dollop of creme fraiche and few leaves of ricotta to decorate.

What's on the drinks menu Alex?

Perhaps one of the most difficult pairings I've had to come up with recently.
We must keep up with the light peas, the spicy wasabi and peppery rocket. But I am not going to run away.
I would recommend four options:
  • a Pinot noir from New Zealand,
  • a Gamay from France (Beaujolais),
  • a Shiraz rosé from South Africa,
  • or sparkling water which is also very suitable for starter.

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  1. Très sympa, j'aime bien l'idée de la roquette il faut que j'essaye.


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