21 Dec 2012

The best is yet to come

So, how was 2012?

Did you get that big promotion you had been working so hard for?
Did you find the love of your life?
Did you get married and have a baby?
Did you go back to playing guitar?
Did you keep half of the good resolutions you wrote, tipsy, on the back of a pack of cigarettes last year on New Year's eve?

I didn't,  yet...

  • I went back to acting
  • I launched Pauline à la crème anglaise (with Ben, my angel designer and friend)
  • I put a lot into my life here in London, met amazing people and made incredible new friends
  • I got selected to be an official blogger for the Olympic Games
  • I made it through my dreaded 30th birthday with a large geniune smile on my face
  • I saw our Queen jump from a helicopter with James Bond and celebrated her Diamond Jubilee
  • I baked a million cakes and put on weight (Yuck, "Lose weight": definitely on my Good Resolutions list for 2013)
  • I went on my longest vacation ever and shared part of one of my best friends' "Trip around the world"

So here I am: it's been my best year in London so far, and I've never been happier.

I sometimes found it hard to trust Clem in the past when she kept telling me "The best is yet to come", yet she's been so right this year. 
And I hope she's been right for you too?!

No recipe published today.
If, like me, you've been partying and eating too much this December, before the Xmas food and booze marathon even gets started: take a break, have a pomegranate (on of my favourite autumn fruits)!

and Happy Christmas everyone!


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