13 Feb 2013

Best Food Experiences in London

Whether you admit it or not, every time you start a new relationship, there is always this list of “must haves” at the back of your mind that you expect/hope your new boyfriend / girlfriend to have.

This list usually includes things like: Must be handsome, Must be clever, Must have a valid visa which allows him/her to live in the same country as you (no kidding, I am talking from experience here)…
As we grow older, we gradually understand that Mr Right might not end up ticking all the boxes, but would still be worth a closer look.

Still, one must stay truthful to oneself and keep some Absolutely Compulsory Items on the list.

Mine definitely includes: must love food (if you hate cheese, bread or chocolate, you off to a very bad start boy).

Well, life is full of great surprises, and London is full of great food experiences.

Here they are, 10 of my favourite London food experiences (in no particular order), offering good value for money: 

  1. Banoffee pie from Ion patisserie, at Borough market (their cheesecakes are amazing too) ; the best in the entire universe and beyond.
  2. Sticky toffee pudding from The Butlers Chop House. The waitresses there call it the “Sticky Lovely Pudding” … It is genuinely to die for.
  3. Salt beef and mustard bagel from Bricklane Beigel Bake. So good, so cheap, and open 24/7!
  4. Pizza from Pizza metro pizza in Clapham Junction, or The Pizza de la Muerte as we renamed it with my friends. Your italian mamma wouldn't do it better.
  5. Cheeseburger and chips from Ed’s dinner, Soho. The burger itself might not be the absolute best in town, but there’s nowhere else where you can eat your burger to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack!
  6. Thick hot chocolate from Apostrophe. Cheap and perfect for a cold winter breakfast.
  7. Ginger and chocolate cookie from Ben’s Cookies.
  8. Scones from Sketch, light and crumbly like clouds. Spread with some clotted cream and their delicious apple jam: heaven!
  9. Deluxe duck burger from Comptoir Gascon. A burger…made with duck…topped with foie gras…and some caramelised onions…in a soft brioche bun…this is a life-burger-changing experience
  10. Sushi – eat as much as you can buffet – from Hi Sushi. If you are craving a ton of sushi and maki at good value for money, this is a good place to go!

    Ion patisserie

  11. Sticky lovely pudding

    Oh kid, I know what you fee, I cant make up my mind either

    I finally went for Ed's combo

And you, what are you favourite places?

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  1. Awesome! Thanks to you, I have lots of addresses to try during my next trip to London in late April!
    Thanks Pauline!!

  2. Mes endroits préférés ... C'était à Brighton, mais comme ce sont des chaînes je suppose que le goût est pareil à Londres ^^ : Gourmet Burger Kitchen, leurs skinny fries sont justes les meilleures frites que j'ai jamais mangé, leur cheese burger est également très bon; Nando's pas pour leur poulet mais pour leur purée, crêmeuse à souhait !


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