26 Mar 2013

The modern woman is a Mrs Ingalls wannabe (Almond Butter recipe)

Until very recently, I'd never quite understood these women who would try and make homemade yogurt, sparkling water, ice-creams when these are most likely to taste better from the big brands we all know.
Let's be honest, there might be a reason why Mr Coca-Cola became a billionaire. Maybe his product simply tastes the best, the same for Mr Nutella's.

So why? Why would you go to all the trouble of spending time, money and effort trying to make a runny yogurt when Mr Danone does it for you so well?

Are we all housewives wannabes, taking pride in looking after our family needs, using only raw ingredients, like Caroline Ingalls in her Little House in the Prairie? (who hasn't dreamt of tasting Mrs Ingalls's homemade ice-cream?)
Is it just the pleasure of using fancy yogurt, ice cream or bread machines?
Is it the wish to find a healthier, yet still tasty, alternative to our industrial (and suspicious) food favourites?

Now that I'm gradually becoming a baking geek, I think it might be a bit of both. 
That, and of course feeling proud of holding a peanut butter pot saying "I made it! And it's almost as good as Skippy's!"

recipe almond butter peanut butter

Almond butter
(100% natural!)

It takes only 20min in total to make this delicious almond butter, which contains only almonds and honey. No added hydrogenated fat, no sugar, yum! 

I haven't tried yet, but I'd guess you can follow the same recipe with any kind of nuts you like. Depending on how fat the chosen nuts are (walnuts are quite oily for example), the consistency might just be smoother or croaser.

Ingredients (for a 500g capacity jar): 

300g skin on almonds
a good lump of honey (2tbsp)

Make the almond butter: 

1/ Preheat the oven at 190deg C for 10min

2/ Roast the almonds on a baking tray (with no oil, no foil) for 10min, take out of the oven, leave to cool completely

3/ In a food processor, process the almonds for 10min until smooth (yes, it works!), stopping the processor from time to time to scrap the sides of the bowl)

4/ Add the honey and process for 15 more seconds. Done!

NB: The almond butter will keep up to 3 weeks in a jar in the fridge

homemade almond butter recipe

peanut butter recipe

This post is for you Mélie, for all the times I teased you about your homemade yogurts, your homemade soaps, and your 60 different kitchen robots! Love you!


  1. Coincidence, j'en ai fait justement ce week end pour la 1ere fois!


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