13 Aug 2013

An afternoon in Greenwich

Last year at that time, I was in Greenwich for the Olympic Games, watching horseriding and having fun with bloggers from all over the world. 
Since then, I always have this sweet nostalgic feeling when I go to Greenwich, remembering that special time of my life.
Last Saturday, we cycled to Greenwich for the afternoon, to eat some great food from Greenwich market and take a nap in the Park. Greenwich has this special relaxed atmosphere to it, I love it.

View from the Observatory

What's this big pointy shiny herb at the back?  The Shard!

Cutty Sark

Fresh lemonade anyone?

Greenwich market

We love Greenwich Market

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  1. j'ai découvert pour la première fois Greenwich au mois de juillet et j'ai beaucoup aimé. pour y aller j'ai utilisé un des bateaux croisière, c'est très agréable aussi !


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