31 Oct 2013

South West France, from vine to lense (+ special offers)

I recently went to the South West of France on a work trip, where I got the chance to discover a bit more this region and some of its appellations: Fronton, Gaillac, Cahors. 
No need to say that I met lovely people (winemakers must simply belong to the most unpretentious and nicest people on earth), ate amazing food (nothing beats a duck and gâteau basque therapy every once in a while), tasted some delicious wines, and took many shots!

Gaillac vineyards

Puy l’Evêque, near Cahors

I considered for a minute sitting there for ever after and not getting on the plane back to London (Domaine Causse Marines)

Ham and wine anyone? (Domaine Plageoles)

Gaillac, view from Domaine Plageoles

Marc Penavayre, Château Plaisance, Fronton

Tasting wine in the shade of a tree at Domaine Causse Marines

If you would like to discover more about South West France Wines in London, why don't you go to The Maison des Vins du Sud-Ouest at Comptoir Gascon, where you get to sample different wines for free everyday when having lunch and dinner. 
Or go and spend a day at The Wine Gang Fairs (London, Bath, Edinburgh) and look out for The South West France Wines tables and masterclasses!

Special discount for Pauline à la crème anglaise's followers!  
Type in the code BLOG40 when getting your tickets for The Wine Gang Fairs from here and get your entry ticket for only £12 (instead of £20) and get 10% of any masterclass. 

For more information on South West France Wines : www.southwestfrancewines.co.uk


  1. Thank you to believe in french South West Wines. Your pictures are beautiful

  2. Hi Pauline. Next trip in South West come and see us ,"bassin d Arcachon" oysters and white Bordeaux are so fantastic.....and we are so proud about our wines from Medoc ,a few miles from here ....Chrisboy33


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