12 Aug 2014

Cornwall #2: a rambler's paradise

Cornwall is not only an enchanting foodie region, it's also a great place to do walks.
So if you wish to follow the South West Coast Path or do other short walks, there are plenty of choices wherever you are in Cornwall and whatever your level is.

If you're a wildlife lover, there are so many bird species to look out for, such as the famous Cornish choughs. And you might even get a glimpse of sea lions too.

As you walk, you'll regularly find tea rooms or pubs to stop at for a drink. You'll also have a chance to pick up fresh produce from "honesty box" displays. 

I had never encountered "honesty boxes" before visiting Cornwall and I really loved the whole idea behind them. Locals display, unattended at the entrance of their properties, trays of produce that they grow in their gardens (vegetables, fruits), make themselves (jams, etc), or farm (eggs, etc). Items are often priced, but not always. Next to the trays there is an unlocked money box or jam jar called the "honesty box", where ramblers pay in cash for whatever they take away with them, offering the price they think is fair for those un-priced items. 
Of course, in the paradise that is Cornwall, no one seems to cheat or steal. It made me feel like I was walking in some kind of a magic world, so far from our busy capital city. I loved it!

Last but not least, as you walk you'll get to see incredible views, a sea as blue as you can imagine, beautiful light houses, quirky old mining chimneys, plenty of thatched cottages and lovely villages.

Jamaica Inn, the real one!

St Michael's Mount


St Ives


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  1. un bel article et les photos sont jolis ^_^ Belle soirée !


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